Are Hiphop Festivals Still Relevant In Today's Music Industry?

It has been a long time since I participated in a Hiphop festival or any kind music convention. Recently i attended the A3C Hiphop Festival in Atlanta, GA and that i was glad I went. As a matter of fact the last Hiphop festival I attended was the 1st A3C Hiphop Festival where I performed with my group Prophetix.

Having attended and performed in main festivals like the CMJ Musicfest in Ny, I knew what type effect these festivals don an artist's career. These events usually serve you for a few days and there are many performers and the opportunity to network. I have watched the A3C Hiphop Festival become a big annual event and today there are music business panels, seminars and workshops. It began just being live performances.

Even if you're not performing, you could still go to network and meet some new people. You will never know in which you might run into these individuals again and what kind of effect you needed on them the moment you met.

This season I went as someone who enjoys good Hiphop music. That's not me just referring to the commercial music that is played on the radio constantly but the classic music that made Hiphop not simply a great and powerful genre however a great and powerful culture at the same time.

Here is some advice I will share that I learned through the years of attending Hiphop festivals:

1. You shouldn't be afraid to talk to the celebrities

If you are serious about being in e-commerce, you are going to have to approach people of celebrity status. I learned through the legendary emcee GURU from Gangstarr (R.I.P.) how to conduct myself when approaching celebrities. They may be people with eyes, ears, and skin just like you and I. Be respectful and tell them how you feel about their music along with overdo it.

2. Do not be afraid to network

If you are not performing on the stage or somewhere having a restroom break, you ought to be building new relationships and strengthening old ones. Since I am from Atlanta, I knew lots of the people that were already element of the local Hiphop scene however, many of my best experiences originated from meeting new people from all over the country. With all the methods to stay in contact with people today for example Facebook and Twitter, you would be maximizing your admission fee through getting some solid, relevant connections. Hiphop

3. Don't be afraid to have a wonderful time

I can not remember one festival I attended where I didnrrrt have a ball. The seminars and panels are excellent but the best part will be the live performances. Good music is excellent to hear live. In the event the rapper on stage says, "Throw ya hands inside the air", do not be afraid to make it happen. As a matter of fact, please take a cue from Nike and "Just Take action!" Why be engaged if you can not have fun? Music

Go to a music festival. Meet new friends at the concerts or offer to take care of someone for lunch. You won't ever know what can happen if you don't get out and see by yourself.